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#46, 14.05: Prisoner Katerina Goulioni dies in police custody under mysterious circumstances; new government law against hoodies

According to various newssite reports,prisoner Katerina Goulioni, prisoner and militant prisoners’ rights activist, has died in police custody this morning.

UPDATE, 15.48 Latest comments from IMC Athens reveal that Katerina was on the same boat to Crete with fascist prisoner “Periandros”. Periandros attacked anarchist prisoner Yannis Dimitrakis outside the boat (Yannis is in the hospital but is now ok in his health), only to be later attacked back by other prisoners in his own cell.

Katerina, who was held at the prison of Thiva in mainland Greece, was under transfer to Crete. In the boat from Pireaus to Crete, the guards forced her to sit alone, 15 seats behind the other prisoners, hands tied behind the back. At 6am this morning Katerina was found dead; according to testimonies by other prisoners, she was badly hit on the face.

The coroner refuses to give out any information before the official report, which is not expected before next week. Prisoners at the prison of Thiva already refuse their meals.

Katerina was one of the most active prisoners in defence of prisoners’ rights and was often put in isolation.

(This is breaking news, more will hopefully follow)

Meanwhile, the conservative government’s justice minister has announced a new law, echoing the often-repeated demand of LAOS, the extreme-right parliamentary party. According to the new law, those arrested and convicted of crimes while concealing their identity will be facing longer charges – ranging between 2 and 10 years more. This is not a german-style banning of hoodies all together (which has also been suggested by LAOS) and is virtually inneforcible.


  1. merry babe wrote:

    Athens Greece .periandros was not on the boat . He was in allicarnasos where he attacked to g.dimitrakis .katerina was probobly murdered

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009 at 9:30 pm | Permalink
  2. information-event at humbug-uni, hauptgebaeude unter den blinden 6
    6 p.m. 03/21st

    i think it’s time to think about a tourism boycot!
    one thing will be that when the socalled crisis goes further all these kraut scum that is makin lots of money f.i. on crete
    will come back: back to mr. merkel’s fat ass welfare state.
    occupy their shit or buy it cheap!
    TOURISM IS TERRORISM was a tag we left at a very nice beach on amorgos in 88

    campaign that right it will lead into some really nice shit!

    to get some weird anarchist thoughts: turkey is boycotted since 1980!
    israel was boycot from 88-91(?)

    the thing back then was that we were called antisemit but since last night i figured that israel government is antisemit too! WHY?
    cuz all the folks living in palestine are semits!
    just think over paranoia: i think that israel was bombing gaza deals with that they delivered the tear gas to greece after the cops were run out of it, used the old cans from 86 (cs-gas from wackersdorf, nuclear factory in bavaria, 1000 hurt by this gas, two died of it and huge riots) and after the german plan to send special forces to greece in dec got published the goosesteppers refused to send new teargas cuz germony still owes reparation to peloponnes.
    also the real IRA bullshit could make sense in that: support the selfcalled commie “urban guerillas” onto another level.
    as said PARANOIA
    i’m not questioning an armed fight at all but if that is needed it’s first too early and secondly why don ask the army or their drafted members?
    pl read elder posts on how to “finance” a revolutionary movement!
    and pl don forget that ya all got friends in turkey!
    MOVE ON!

    Friday, March 20, 2009 at 7:04 pm | Permalink
  3. Kiwi wrote:

    Death to the cops!

    Monday, March 22, 2010 at 10:44 am | Permalink

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