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#224 | Yet another arrest for the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire; Public Power Corporation in Athens attacked

On Thursday (25.03) night, yet another youth was arrested in the city of Volos in relation to the conspiracy of cells of fire case. He will appear before the prosecutor this morning in Athens, where a solidarity gathering has already been called. The police have published his photograph (even, of course, if there hasn’t yet been a trial – let alone a conviction) asking the public to contribute information.

A few minutes ago, the building of the state-run Public Power Corporation in Kolonos, Athens came under attack by a group of approximately 25 people, according to corporate media reports. They trashed the glass facade of the building, threw paint and left leaflets behind, reading:

“The Public Power Corporation is responsible for the further leeching and devaluation of our lives, for the tens of murdered and hundreds of butchered workers, for the pillage and destruction of the environment.

Lambros Foundas is alive and stands next to us in struggle. For communism, for anarchy.”

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  1. Lester wrote:

    The jury is still out.

    Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 6:07 am | Permalink

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