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#474 | Nine-year old boy writes school report on the Keratea riots

An astonishing report by a 9-year boy in Keratea on the struggle of the people of his town against the construction of a waste dump in the area. See the Keratea anti-landfill struggle tag for background info on the case.

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Crucial riots in Keratea

Shame on them! The state wants to bring in tons of waste every day. The residents have been resisting for a month. They say they won’t allow for a single piece of waste to be dropped at Ovriokastro [trans.note: the planned site for the waste dump] , which is only five kilometres away from the town. A week ago, the people of Keratea got furious. The Riot Police attacked and the Keratea people were forced to retreat. And so, undercovers took the license plates of the resident’s cars and behind them riot police were smashing the cars with their clubs.

Then the Keratea people went and turned the Keratea Police station into a mess. Lately there have been lots of riots with new molotovs, which also contain black-powder.

[Added with blue pen, teacher’s marking: “Well done!”

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