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Clashes at Syntagma & Occupation of the studio of state TV channel by students

01:45 GMT+2 The march just ended at the square of Ayia Paraskevi.

01:30 GMT+2 The occupiers walked out of the building, they met with the 800-people solidarity gathering and they are marching away on Mesogeion av. Riot police units follow them. The channel just started broadcasting the news show.

00:40 GMT+2 Earlier the director of the Greek Radio-Television (ERT) which owns NET, promised to broadcast the video of the students at the scheduled news show at 00:00. The occupiers told him that they will not leave the building until they broadcast the video as they cannot trust him. However, the entire 00:00 news show has not started yet. Twenty minutes ago a riot police bus entered the yard of the building, while people in solidarity are gathered while calls for more supporters was sent. The riot police in front of the station are wearing their full riot kit have come close to the solidarity gathering.

23:12 GMT+2 The occupiers still in the NET TV channel. People are still concentrating in front of the NET TV station, while the station is under pressure from people calling them requesting to show the students’ video.

The moment the students enter the studio

22:50 GMT+2 Police just attacked to people on Syntagma square. After the clashes earlier an open public assembly started on the square with circa 1,300 participants.

22:15 GMT+2 The students remain in the TV channel premises. Riot police and supporters are concentrated in front of the TV channel. It seems that they are more than 60 people in the station and what they requested was for their video to be aired.

21:15 GMT+2 Circa 60 university students occupied the studio of the state TV channel NET while the central news programme was aired live. The technicians cut the flow of the central news programme. Earlier the students went to the TV station requesting to be allowed to say a few words regarding their views about the new education reform bill, but they were not allowed to do so. There is a call for more people to go to the TV station in solidarity to the occupiers.

Picture from the TV studio the banner the students hold writes: ‘We are breaking the wall of silence, the victory of students’ struggle is victory of the entire society’

20:23 GMT+2 Circa 3,000 people remain on Syntagma square, they also managed to occupy Amalias avenue in front of the parliament. There are calls for more people and for anti-fascists to join the rally. Circa 5,000 people responded to the call of the indignants and went at Syntagma Square on Sunday evening. Riot police and undercover cops responded with a full scale military operation pushing people out of Amalias Av. in front of the parliament, using tear gas and plenty of physical violence pushed people away for a while. The cops used a new kind of tear gas that produces black smoke that people have not seen before. At least 7 people have been injured on Othonos st. but they managed to defend themselves against the police attack.


  1. total stalement wrote:

    Strike in ALL public means of transport (buses, metro, troleybuses, suburban railway, national railway) tomorrow, AND combined strike by taxi drivers.

    Court says that strike by air trafic contraolers is illegal.

    Greece literally freezes. Only ships and airplanes move inside the country. All transportaions impossible inside Athens, a city of 5 million people.

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 11:49 am | Permalink
  2. JackCommon wrote:

    There’s a report on libcom about the studio occupation, plus other stuff:
    ” apparently this was carried out by members of a Leftist student union (the EEAAT, I think). Some people who’d been involved in the occupation of a TV studio during the news back in December 2008 offered to give them advice and help with operating all the equipment – cameras, mics, etc., which they knew about and had used back in the uprising in 2008. These Leftists refused the advice, because of fear of the consequences, so none of what they wanted to say (their ‘message’) was given over the air, which had been done in 2008.

    There are about half the Universities occupied that were occupied about a week ago – down from about 300 to about 150, but all the main ones are still in occupation.

    As previously mentioned, the senior high school (15 to 18 yr olds) occupations are growing all the time – now over 600 out of a national total of about 2000. These occupations are spreading to junior (11 to 14 yr olds) high schools as well, with a few occupied. The Headmasters/mistresses are calling for parents’ meetings where s/he will try to get parents to persuade their kids not to go on strike. This could well backfire, as it gives the parents, who face financial misery along with most of the rest of the population, to get together and meet each other, when normally they wouldn’t have such an opportunity.

    In Athens, various local (but not national) branches of unions (don’t ask me which unions) have vowed to collect tax bills (taxes supposedly to pay for unemployment benefit,presented as ”solidarity” taxes, though nobody believes they are) en masse, go to the local tax offices, and dump them or burn them: some have already done so.

    Syntagma Square still has assemblies, though these are constantly attacked by the cops, even whilst people are speaking and debating. Consequently the numbers are way down from June – 2 or 3 thousand nowadays. The cops don’t attack, for the moment, the local square occupations – there must be at least 10 in the working class areas of Athens. Nationally, it’s hard to get precise information, but there are square occupations in Thessaloniki, Thebes and Crete and other places. The “won’t pay” issue is probably the main topic of discussion in these assemblies and in conversations generally – often around the issue of illegality, many people being afraid to break the law, but equally others saying it’s the only thing to do.”
    From here:

    Friday, September 30, 2011 at 2:58 pm | Permalink

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