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Daily Archives: October 28th, 2011

October 28th is Greece’s national “beat up your local politician” day

In what was supposed to be a day of nationalist propaganda, with military parades across the Greek territory (a remnant of military dictatorships past) to celebrate the “national day”, things have taken quite a different turn. In Thessaloniki, the Greek president of democracy was  forced to leave the military parade under the constant booing of hundreds [...]

Military parades cancelled in the Greek cities of Thessaloniki, Heraclion and Patras as enraged people storm officials’ stands

Only minutes after the Greek president of democracy was forced to leave from the military parade of October 28th in Thessaloniki, similar scenes unfolded in the cities of Patras and Heraclion, Crete. In Patras, the vice-minister of Defense came under a shower of eggs from the people gathered to protest, and he was hushed away [...]

Greek president of democracy forced to leave fascist-inspired military parade after people occupy part of its route

A few minutes ago the Greek president of democracy (Karolos Papoulias) was forced to leave his post watching the fascist-inspired military parade commemorating the Greek-Italian war of 1940. Papoulias stood at the scene stunned, being booed by people, many of which occupied the ground in front of the officials’ stand, and were blocked off by [...]