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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Police and Nazis have started mass operations in Athens targeting people of colour and antifascists – 30 new detention centres to be built by the government in Greece

The Parties are preparing for elections and the government that has cultivated for several months -via government friendly media- xenophobic rhetoric, more or less blaming migrants for the economic crisis, announced that 30 new detention centres will be built in the country. Meanwhile, police is carrying out daily mass ‘sweeper operations’ as they call them, [...]

Neo-nazis storm the university of Athens, injuring students, while mainstream media speak of ‘anarchist attack’

At approximately 13:30 GMT+2, a group of about 20 neo-nazis (according to information received so far, aligned to ‘New Horizons’, A student neo-nazi group linked with the old party of Antonis Samaras, who is today the leader of the right wing party Nea Dimokratia that is participating in the governmental coalition and to the Greek-Cypriot [...]

“Athens on lockdown” – new video by Ross Domoney

Athens on lockdown Athens on lockdown from Ross Domoney on Vimeo. A national weekend of celebration is not the same this year around in Greece. The weekend, which celebrates a victory against the Turkish in 1821 was under severe lockdown from Greek security forces who were fearing unrest as a result of a society enraged [...]

Day of nationalist celebration turns into spontaneous anti-memorandum, anti-authoritarian show of rage as thousands clash with police in cities across Greece

March 25th is one of the two dates celebrated as a ‘national day’ by the greek state, which holds military and student parades in major cities across the country. In what would have otherwise been a usual show of kitsch nationalism, the hordes of police that took to the streets to protect politicians were met [...]

Little stories from IMF-run Greece: 81-year old woman sets herself alight; man drowns in the port of Piraeus after driving his car into the sea; 70-year old man storms tax office with a shotgun

‘Little’ stories like these below keep surfacing in the mainstream greek media, while the majority of them never even make it there. – On Saturday, 17.03, an 81-year old woman in the island of Zakynthos sat down in the garden of her house before soaking herself with petrol and setting herself on fire. After her [...]

3 of the demonstrators arrested on Feb 12, still are held in the police headquarters (GADA)

3 people arrested during the anti-austerity March of Feb 12 still are held in the Athens police station under the worst conditions of imprisonment in the country – incl. no access to open air spaces. The excuse used is that prisons are full so for over one month police holds the 3 demonstrators in custody [...]

Patras: anarchists storm and trash the newly-opened offices of neo-nazi group ‘Golden Dawn’ in broad daylight

The neo-nazi group ‘golden dawn’ (chrysi augi) is projected to enter the parliament for the first time in the upcoming elections. Ahead of these elections, the group has been trying to open offices across greece and on Monday (March 12) they opened their office in the centre of the port city of Patras. In response, [...]

New book out: “Democracy under Construction: From the streets to the squares – Experience, analysis, documents”

Democracy under Construction: From the streets to the squares – Experience, analysis, documents Edited by Christos Giovanopoulos and Dimitris Mitropoulos A/synechia Publishing, December 2011, Athens, 352 pages language: Greek, including DVD ISBN: 978-960-6625-22-0 On the 25th May 2011, only ten days after the appearance of the Spanish indignados’ movement, major cities across Greece saw the [...]