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Daily Archives: March 2nd, 2012

Police via the newspaper TO VIMA is trying to accuse the open people’s assembly of Holargos Papagou for a bomb found in Athens Metro

A few days ago a bomb was found in a train of Athens Metro. The apparatus did not explode. But yesterday the police correspondent of the newspaper TO VIMA, named Vassilis Lambropoulos, wrote in the paper an article quoting a communiqué of the open people’s assembly of Holargos, Papagou, suggesting that according to the police [...]

Siemens in collaboration with the police and an attorney general attempts to break the strike of shipyward workers in Elefsina

Since last Wednesday the workers of the shipyards of Elefsina, outside Athens, are on strike demanding from the companies to sign an agreement that are not going to decrease any wages. All companies signed the agreement with the exception of Siemnes and DECO. Yesterday people from Siemens called individually workers in their homes telling them [...]