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Daily Archives: April 7th, 2012

Riot police attacked to protesting dockworkers in front of the Bank of Greece

The famous haircut of the Greek state’s bonds in fact it is translated into public cuts. The state had transformed various amounts of money that it administrates into Greek state’s bonds. So when all the big bankers agreed for the celebrated 70% haircut in the Greek bonds (virtual cut in their case since they do [...]

People attack policeman in Syntagma Athens, remove his clothes and place them at the point of the death of Dimitris Christoulas

On the day of the funeral of Dimitris Christoulas, the 77-year old pensioner who killed himself on Syntagma square, people attacked a special forces policeman nearby; they removed his clothes (but not his weapon) and the hanged them by the tree next to which Christoulas committed suicide on Wednesday.

Anti-fascists pelt TV presenter with eggs and yogurt live on air after he promoted Neo-Nazi groups in local TV station of NW Greece

The footage below shows an anarchist intervention at a local TV station in the city of Ioannena, NW Greece. Some necessary background: the TV show producers had invited a member of Golden Dawn, the neo-nazi group, to ‘inform’ the public about the fascist attack at the Zografou campus of the university of Athens, a few [...]