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Monthly Archives: August 2012

“Take back the Greek streets, with art” — new film by Ross Domoney

Take back the Greek streets, with art. from Ross Domoney on Vimeo. As part of Athens fringe festival, a bus full of artists hits Athenian neighbourhoods as well as central districts. The idea is to encourage people to take back their squares with colourful forms of art. Activities like this would encourage people to gather, [...]

Police fire bullets in Exarcheia

At approximately 16.50 on Saturday, August 25, a group of people tried to push away a couple of heroin dealers or users (still unclear) at the corner of Stournari Street and Kannigos Str, in Exarcheia. Some background to how this happened: The “unofficial” (but wholly sanctioned by the police) heroin trading spot has recently moved [...]

Coming Soon – Into the Fire!

From our friends at Reelnews: After making Our Present is Your Future, we went to Greece a second time to speak to immigrants and refugees about their life in Greece. Many of those we spoke to were homeless, and often didn’t know where their next meal would come from. Trying to reach safety in Europe, they [...]

George Caffentzis: Summer 2012, a report from Greece

via UniNomade 1. Arrival in Thessaloniki. It is July 5 and I just have arrived in Thessaloniki full of questions concerning the political situation in Greece. My trusted and knowledgeable friend meets me at the airport. In response to my impatient questions he immediately begins the tale of what happened in Greece and in Thessaloniki in particular [...]

Riot police storm self-organised market building in Kypseli, Athens

At approximately 07.30 am on Saturday 18.8, riot police entered the building of the ‘municipal market’ of Kypseli, Athens. The building, long-abandoned by the local municipality, had been used as a self-organised space by groups of the antagonist movement for the past six years or so, hosting events, screenings, discussions but also acting as an [...]

Arrestees from February 12th demonstration to be released on bail pending trial

Via Act for Freedom Today August 14th, through a phone call from hostage of the  social war and comrade Vaggelis Kailoglou who was arrested during the incidents of February 12th 2012 together with 3 other protestors who have all been imprisoned for 6 months now, will be released on bail.. When we have more news we will [...]

Office of neo-nazi Golden Dawn in Pagrati, central Athens set alight with petrol

The office of the neo-nazi gang Golden Dawn (as of recently also represented in parliament) in the central Athenian neighbourhood of Pagrati was set ablaze on August 13, with two small petrol tanks. The neo-nazi gang is openly advocating violence against all migrants, homosexuals and leftists/anarchists. Its members have participated in scores of such attacks [...]

Iraqi migrant assassinated in central Athens in the early hours of Sunday August 12

At approximately 04.30 am on Sunday August 12, an unidentified Iraqi male was found stabbed in the streets of Athens (on Anaxagora Street). According to eye-witnesses, the perpetrators of the attack where five males riding four motorbikes who, just earlier on, in the same area, had tried to attack another two migrant males (citizens of Romania and [...]