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Daily Archives: September 30th, 2012

Anti-fascists attack nazis in the Agios Panteleimonas area of Athens, near Amerikis sq – and police attack the anti-fascist motorcycle demo in retaliation; at least twenty-three arrests and unknown number of injuries

FINAL UPDATE, 12.18 PM. A more affirmative picture of what happened in central Athens tonight: The anti-fascist demo spotted a small number of fascists (2-3) in the Agios Panteleimonas area of Athens, near Amerikis sq (close to where the Tanzanian social centre was attacked by fascists only a few days ago). Immediately after the attack, the DELTA [...]

Night-time attack at the Acropolis police station

As reported in mainstream media, on the night of September 29th to 30th the police station of Acropolis in Athens came under attack. In total, seven vehicles were set on fire — one police patrol car, one undercover police car, four motorbikes (three of them police) and two cars that had been confiscated by police. [...]

Police targets members of the base association of unemployed workers

In early morning in Athens on Strefi Hill, a mass police operation targeted members of the base association of unemployed workers. Last night the associastion organised a benefit on Streffi Hill and several members remained back to clean up, pack the sound system etc. Suddenly before the dawn, 60-70 police officers rushed on the hill and searched the few people there [...]