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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Systematic state efforts to threaten the flow of information from Greece

Today the text of the 3rd memorandum of agreement eliminating public provisions was released. Simultaneously today, one day after the arrest of a journalist for releasing a list of tax-dodgers,  a young man was arrested in Corfu island because he published in his web-blog  photos of police officers having very friendly encounters with neo-Nazis. Earlier in the morning the management of [...]

Full text of the third “memorandum of understanding” between the troika and the greek government

As the rumours regarding the voting in of the new memorandum in the present week intensify, the agreement’s full text has now become available online. The greek text is here. Key points include (list to be updated!) – Should the targets in the health sector not be met in the first two months, it is [...]

Report: Golden Dawn 1980-2012, the neoNazis’ road to parliament

From the new website, Reports from the edge of borderline democracy 425.000 Greek voters sided with a neonazi political party in the last election. Though Golden Dawn is implicated in a surge of violent attacks, and while its views range from the ridiculous to the downright racist, its popularity is rising by the day. What [...]

Kostas Vaxevanis: “They are searching for me instead of the truth”

News about Vaxevanis’ arrest here.

Journalist Vaxevanis was just arrested after publicizing the list of Greek taxdodgers

Today is national day in Greece, forces of police and military police are guarding the army parades and the governmental politicians who will are watching them. At the same time, police one hour ago raided the house of a journalist who published a list with Greek tax-dodgers two days ago. The list that the  journalist Costas [...]

Golden Dawn from 1980 to 2012

A report about one more attack by Golden Dawn against gay people in Athens’ Kerameikos Square was surfaced today. Two days ago a brief history of Golden Dawn in English was published by Augoustinos Zenakos in the blog “Reports From the Edge of borderline Democracy” 425.000 Greek voters sided with a neonazi political party in the [...]

Following on the Steps of the Pangrati Resistance, 1940-44

We are walking through the squares and streets of Pangrati, where barricades were erected, tracing the struggles of people against fascism and led by small moments of resistance and great upheavals It is those silenced and distorted aspects of our neighbourhood history that remind us that Struggle against Oblivion Is Struggle against Fascism Sunday, 4th [...]

Golden Dawn and the Antifascist Movement in Greece