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Daily Archives: November 6th, 2012

Golden Dawn supports the most wealthy class in Greece

One of the most powerful and wealthy classes in Greece are the shipowners.  The few families of the Greek shipowners own the largest merchant fleet in the world. So these days that the parliament discusses about the new budget which comes together with the new austerity package Golden Dawn voted against the taxation of the [...]

Police greet demonstration as it reaches syntagma

Live updates: Nov 6/7 General Strike, Day 1

1.57 PM People are slowly dispersing from Syntagma in what seems to be a quiet first day. 1.01 PM Syntagma slowly filling up as demonstration reaches the square. It is 30 degrees hot. Approx. 100.000 people on the streets. 10.45 AM As people gather to the strike demonstration gathering point (Museum, next to the Athens [...]