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Daily Archives: November 7th, 2012

Heraklion, Crete: as the Parliament in Athens votes in further austerity cuts, a city shows the way forward for the struggle

At the same time that in Athens the new measures were voted in parliament and the protest outside was hit by repression and rain, some remarkable events in Heraklion, Crete show how the struggle against the memorandums can be intensified. At tonight’s demo in the city, more than 10,000 people took part – including an [...]

Day 2 of the 48-hour strike, November 7: Live updates

00.25 The third memorandum and the severe austerity cuts that come along with it have been passed through parliament (153 out of 300 MPs voted in favour). 22:45 The hard rain continues and people have dispersed from the area around Syntagma. 21:44 Riot police still attacks manically to the dispersed demonstrators, tear gas and a [...]

48-hour General Strike: Some of the Cuts

Second day of the 48-hour strike today.  Tonight the parliament is voting for the new austerity package and the new budget. At 17:00 there is call for rally in Syntagma Square. Some of the austerity measures that will be applied today enforce further privatization of hospital treatment. This includes a price for hospital admission, any patient who will need to [...]