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48-hour General Strike: Some of the Cuts

Second day of the 48-hour strike today.  Tonight the parliament is voting for the new austerity package and the new budget. At 17:00 there is call for rally in Syntagma Square.

Some of the austerity measures that will be applied today enforce further privatization of hospital treatment. This includes a price for hospital admission, any patient who will need to be admitted to a hospital, will have to pay 25 Euro just to start with, so in a country with 30% unemployment this means that thousands of people will have to receive, but will not afford hospital treatment. The Union of hospital doctors labelled all the new measures concerning public health “the gravestone of public health in Greece”.

Moreover the new austerity measures include a series of redundancies, further decrease of salaries, pensions and benefits targeting particularly handicap benefits. Furthermore the new measures include a retrospective (and so anti-constitutional  change in the national agreement of labour.

One more of the measures is the change in the retirement age which goes at 67. In a rare movement, this latter measure was challenged by the scientific committee of the parliament itself, since it is anti-constitutional as well, yet the government does not have any problem with going anti-constitutional. The limits of parliamentary democracy are obvious these days, with Golden Dawn supporting together with the governmental MPs  the wealthiest class of the society (ship-owners) yesterday. Today functionaries of the establishment are crossing their own limits even more explicitly, earlier in the morning the chair of the parliament, Meimarakis, an MP of the governing New Democracy, attempted to skip parts of the ritualistic parliamentary procedure, against any trust to the processes of their own system.

Strikers are calling everyone to join the rally at Syntagma at 17:00 GMT+2.

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