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Daily Archives: November 14th, 2012

Anti-fascist, anti-statist demo: Thursday November 15th, 6pm starting from the Exarcheia Polytechnic in Athens

Poster calling for tomorrow’s anti-fascist, anti-statist demo: Anti-fascist, anti-statist motorcycle demo in solidarity with those charged for the anti-fascist patrol. The class war is raging… On the side of sovereignty, consolidating the contemporary totalitarianism. In the labor measures, with the predatory onslaught of capital causing the rapid impoverishment of society and the establishment of special [...]

“I buy gold” — a poster on the pawnshops mushrooming around Greece

The poster below comes from the “Network of tangible solidarity and resistance” of the city of Chalkida, as a response to the pawnshops (gold-haggling shops) that have mushroomed all across the country recently. It reads:   I Buy gold.  Jewelry, teeth, wedding rings, badges, baptism crosses, relics, memories, belongings and dignity. IN DEROGATORILY LOW PRICES. [...]