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4 years after the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos by the Police

The shot still echoes and people will march again. Posters calling for marches today.

“We do not Forget, We do not Forgive, We are going on…the ghost of December is always here, Solidarity, Self-Organisation, Direct Democracy, Newspaper Drasi”


“The State continues assassinating, destroying everything – We struggle for everything, Authoritarian Movement of Athens (AK)”


“A Ghost is looming above the city” Thursday 6/12 March 10:30 on Democracy Avenue, Anarchists by the Schools of Agioi Anargyroi and Kamatero.”


“We do not Forget we do not forgive, Local march in St Tryfon Square, Terpsithea” (Glyfada: South Athens)


“We do not forget, We do not forgive, We go forward” March in Agios Dimitris Square, Antifascists of Arta”


“Discussion-Event about December 2008 in Samos”


“Did you forget? We do not forget, murderers in uniform killed Alexis” poster from Chios

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