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Daily Archives: December 21st, 2012

Villa Amalias updates: the arrested are detained until Monday; police unseal the building

The Villa Amalias collective has published the following brief update on the situation regarding the squat: As of this morning, the cops have unsealed the door of the Villa on the side of Cheiden Str, without the presence of any of the residents. It is obvious that they are inside illegally and have made unauthorized [...]

Villa Amalias statement: we are, and we shall remain here.

Greek original at the Villa Amalias site Today, on December 20th, 2012, the police raided Villa Amalias. Under the pretext of a complaint for drug dealing, they searched the building in the presence of a district attorney. Their findings are ludicrous. Nevertheless, according to Dendias [translators' note: the minister of public order] these prove that Villa was [...]