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Daily Archives: December 23rd, 2012

Bielefeld solidarity with Villa Amalias

In solidarity with our comrades from the squat Villa Amalias in Athens and the detained persons we hung up some banners in the city of Bielefeld. We wish you power for the ongoing struggle against the repressive and authoritarian state and his henchmen. On the banners is written: “Squatted house in Athens raided by the [...]

Anarchists interrupt the speech of the Athens mayor: Villa Amalias will become your graveyard!

Friday Dec 21: approx 300 anarchists intervene at an event in the neighbourhood of Kypseli, where Kaminis, the mayor of Athens, was scheduled to speak. The slogans shouted include the slogan “Villa [Amalias] will become the graveyard of Kaminis”. Posted on the website of Sinialo squat.

Another villa Amalias solidarity video

Also see this one.

Statement by the Villa Amalias squatters held in the police HQ in Athens

Greek original The Villa Amalias squat has been an open political, cultural and social space, as well as a housing collective, for the past 23 years. In all these years there have been plenty of active groups in the squat including groups on theatre, concerts, musical studio, stained glass, kids’ space, dancing, foreign languages, computing, printing [...]