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“Villa Amalias will remain a squat”

A poster by the printing collective Rota. Solidarity events are organised for the next few days in Athens, including a theatre play and screenings at Victoria square (27/12 at 5pm) and a Villa Amalias solidarity demo (29/12, noon at Propylea) followed by a solidarity gig at 6pm at Monastiraki.


First panel: “Oh no, they’re getting all angry, now they’re demonstrating!”

Second panel: [demonstrators' banners read] “Out with the lawless”, “Dendias [the minister of public order] and Kaminis [Athens' mayor] are the ones who are lawless”, “enough lawlesness”, “always the same lawless ones”

Third panel: “Kaminis, I think we have to give them Villa back, there’s no space left for us in this city”. “- I have seen many cities lose their mayors, but it’s the first time that I see a mayor lose their city”.

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