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“In Greece, being a citizen and a human being is a felony!” (On the case of Petros Kapetanopoulos)


On July 21st, Petros Kapetanopoulos heard shouting in his neighbourhood, in Kolonos (Athens). He had just put his young son in bed and told his wife he would go out to check what was going on. As he went down the stairs, he saw five officers of DIAS squad that had arrested an immigrant. One of them had his foot on the arrested man’s stomach. “Why are you doing this? You’ve arrested him, there is no need for violence!” said Petros Kapetanopoulos. Then, they explained Petros that they were not walking on the man and demonstrated strong violence again, by hittin the man, again “This is walking on the man”, they said.  Petros repeated that this was all about torturing a man that is already arrested.  The end result? Petros was also arrested!

After that, the immigrant is accused (and, later, admits) he had stolen the bag of a young girl, because he was hungry.  Petros Kapetanopoulos, on the other hand, is charged with the following:

Α. «resisting arrest»,

Β. «false  testimony»,

C. «attempt of  liberating a prisoner» while there is not a single evidence on this, not even from the testimony of the officer (the only accusation witness),

D. and, finally,  not only the Public Prosecutor drafts a common file charging Petros Kapetanopoulos and the immigrant man, also accusing Petros of  «simple complicity in robbery», which is a felony!

After all this, among others, Petros Kapetanopoulos –being a public servant- is at risk of being deprived from his income for four years and is ex officio temporarily laid off as he is indicted for felony.

At the same time, the same charges may mean lots of years in prison, if he is not proclaimed innocent in Court.

At the Press conference that was given, after Petros Kapetanopoulos’ attorney explained the legal situation of his client, party representatives, organizations, unions and others have expressed their solidarity and support, speaking of a “State that wants none to care about their fellow people”.

* The protest text:

We demand all the unjust charges to be withdrawn, and justice to be reestablished for Petros Kapetanopoulos as well as democracy.

The whole Greek society should demonstrate against fascism in uniform acting against human rights by any kind of torture, molestation or humiliation. To have lawyers, UN, Amnesty international as well as all those who support human rights to bring to justice all those who dare to act in any arbitrary and fascist way just because they wear the uniform of power.

These are issues that matter not only to Greece but also to the international community.

Citizen Petros Kapetanopoulos supported justice in acts. He acted against fascism and injustice, supporting human rights.

And, now, he is being charged for this precise reason! Risking losing 4 years of his salary because he is unfairly accused of felony, while he is a public servant!

And all this, because he protested against a fundamentally fascist act he saw happening in front of his very eyes and he reacted for humanity and justice.

So, if we wish to be called his supporters, citizens, democrats but, also, humans, we also have to support him in acts.

We are against fascism and fascism is not only Nazism: it is also any kind or form of molestation as well as indifference!

We sign for all charges against him to be lifted. We demand all unjust charges to be withdrawn and justice and democracy to be reinstated.

Movement for citizen Petros Kapetanopoulos

Greek Citizens

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