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Demonstration in Solidarity with Occupations and Self Organised Spaces, 16th February, in Athens’ Neighbourhoods

Demonstration in Our Neighbourhoods

They will not repress what they never managed to understand.

In Solidarity with Occupations and Self Organised Spaces

Pangrati/ Vironas/ Kaisariani/ Ilissia/ Zografou

Saturday 16th February 11 am, departing from Alsos Pangratiou (Pangrati Grove), Eftichidou and Sp. Merkouri

In the following print the assemblies and the initiatives calling the demo are self presented

Autonomous Assembly of Zografou

Self managed Social Space Vila Zografou

Mpaxes ‘we cultivate the land, we cultivate our consciousness’

Mperntes Self managed Social Space

Initiative of residents from Kaisariani

Alsos Pangratiou Assembly

Assembly of residents from Vyronas, Kaisariani, Pangrati

Assembly ‘Actions against Haratsi’ in Vyronas, Kaisariani, Pangrati

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