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Golden Dawn in panic cancel their events today

Golden Dawn leader Michaloliakos announced a few hours after the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas that next day he will give a speech in Nikaia (the local branch where the murdered Roupakias is member of)  he invited all the Nazis to join him for the event. At the same time that the vice leader Pappas and the press officer of GD Kassidiaris claimed that the murder has nothing to do with Golden Dawn. However in early hours of the morning after the big antifa demonstrations that took place all over the country and attacked GD local branches everywhere, the event was cancelled, and vanished from their webpages. Meanwhile antifa and the trade Unions of Peireus and Keratsini (the latter are affiliated with the Communist Party and its union PAME) announced a counter gathering close to the scheduled Nazi event.

Roupakias’ photo with the Golden Dawn MP Barbarousis during an event was published earlier


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    From Portugal: Let’s help the Greek people in this fight!

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