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“500.000 Greeks were holding the knife”

A banner by the “Antifascist high-school students’ Front” in one of the demonstrations for Pavlos. It reads: “500,000 Greeks were holding the knife”, a reference to the number of votes the Golden Dawn received in the elections of June 2012.


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  1. Jelle wrote:

    A dangerous slogan, I think. A comrade from Thessaloniki wrote this text on the issue:

    “Sorry for the long text. But it is now, before the blood starts in Europe that we must speak.

    You all know about the assasination of an antifascist young men. Paulos Fissas.
    Everybody speaks for the young Paulos Fissas, who stand to protect his friends and fight alone 30 fascists, the knife in his heart was a result of this brave act. Paulos Fissas was a creative, beautifull men with dignity in his life. His death ratifying this life of Dignity.

    But what is important also to know, and much more important to understand, is what, why and how this murder happent.
    The greek left and anarchists are giving a simple mind answer adopting the “antifa culture” of the german left. Under this ideology we are living between the right and the left a constantly war reviving the Spanish Civil.
    This ideology is been used from the greek state in promoting the theory of the two “extremes” and through the strategy of tension the state appears as the guarantor of security even if actually is the same one that encourages the fascists and antifascists to war. Only a week ago 50 fascists attack a small group of the Kommunist Party mempers KKE, ( 3d photo ) and we were lucky that we did not have a kill. This attacks to left groups is a new tactic from the fascists, before they were only limited in imigrants, this upgrade in the tactic is clear that it happens under leadership and politikal choice and i beleive that it has to do with the extreeme austerity measures and the social reaction to these. As i say before the state uses the “strategy of tension”. This is easy to happen in Greece, because the greek people we do not have in our history the experience of the revolution, we do not know what this means, but we have strong and plenty memories of civil wars. The anti-revolution in Greece uses this truth to divert the possibility of revolution in the reality of the mutual extermination.

    In this, the greek left and the antiauthoritarians are equal to blame. Yesterday there was hundreds of thousands of people who demonstrate and express their anger. But you dont fight fascism by this. The big slogan of the antiauthoritarians was “500.000 PEOPLE HOLD THE KNIFE”. The number indicate the voters of golden dawn. The message is clear, in the simple mind thinking of the antiauthoritarians we have in greece 500.000 murderers. Everybody who votes for the fascists is a fascist. It is a simple equation. And if a good fascist is a dead one the next step is to killing eachother.
    In the simple mind this 500.000 greek people, and probable in the next elections will be much more, are fascists, they were always fascists and there will be always fascists. For the ideology way of thinking the only cure for a fact like that is mutual extermination.

    I am sending this letter to ask you to understand this, to speak, to prevent, to convince here in greece and europe to people that listens to you so that we do not seek how we kill each other but who to achieve the revolution. The unbearable truth is that people who join the fascists are the ones that are the most oppressed, poor and exploited by capitalism. We should care for them, solidary them, emancipat them. The assasin of Paulos Fissas is a 45 years old George Roupakias ( 4th photo ) . He has joined the “SA troops” and he was paid for attacking refuges, he became a member of golden dawn after the austerity. he wasnt always this, he became. He and thousands more are been touched by golden dawn because the greek fascists have read well history and they do not only do “gang” stuff but they do strongly solidarity actions to poor people. I send you a video that shows one of this “solidarity” actions. Of course there is a huge difference with this “solidarity” wich in fact is only charity but not all in greece reads Nitche to understant the deep meaning of its difference, and so while the greek left and anarcists do dialectical criticism the fascists are enlarge their influence in society. We must think very seriously what is the faults of the left that makes these people instead of taking the hope of revolution to choose the security of the conservative. The easy answer, the one that relieve us of our responsibility is the one that gives all the blame to the “personal responsibility”. If you choose when you were hopless and hungry, when you were afraind for the fututre of your family the security of the fascists it is somehow your guilt. There is a anarchist slogan that says “better hungry than fascist”. I am not sure if this work in reality.

    We need to build a real world of solidarity now in greece. There are thousands of hundreds of lefts in greece, yet so few solidarity communities and structures, so many slogans yet so few living life as an example. Eye for an eye you do not stop fascism, you only makes one eyed world. You stop fascism by building a worthy live to life and a will to fight for a better world.”

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