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At least 26 anarchists’ houses raided in Athens (plus more in Thessaloniki) as the antiterrorist unit’s witch-hunt against the anarchist scene in Grece continues

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From Tuesday, January 21st, until the evening of Thursday 30th of January, 2014, 26 raids in houses of anarchist comrades have been recorded in the wider Athens area.

Out of these 26 comrades, 8 have so far been arrested and charged with misdemeanours. Of these, 5 have been sentenced to convictions varying between 5 and 16 months, while two have also been handed an additional fine of 600 euros, under the charge of “weapon possession” and “disobedience”. The 6th comrade is on trial on the 5th of February (the case was suspended in order for the police’s criminological research unit to pose an expert opinion on a confiscated item), the 7th comrade was given a court date and the 8th one is on trial today, January 31st.


  1. I want to reach somebody on the telephone to record what is happening in Greece Americans don’t know whats
    happening there. Please send me a name
    and phone # for a interview, so people
    in San Francisco can hear what is going
    on there.

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  2. Bryon wrote:

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