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Berkin like Alexis

The 15 year old Berkin Elvan who was shot by the police in Gezi Park in the summer of 2013 died in Turkey. One more 15-year old killed by the police. In Greece, Turkey or Albania the enemies are on the banks and the ministries and their killers wear unifiorms. Clashes are taking place all [...]

Occupied London #5 in German

Occupied London #5 was translated in German by our comnrades of bahoe books Hardcopies available in Anarchia Versand: Infomaden/EKH: Anarchistische Bibliothek und Archiv Wien: SUB Salzburg: Schwarzes Radieschen Graz: Beleville Sin Patron Thessaloniki:   For more copies get in contact here:   PDF by Bahoe Books: occupiedlondon5

Letter by anarchist comrade Giannis Naxakis from Koridallos Prisons– answer to the C.C.F

Translated by Act for freedom now! source There are times when the provocations of the free life we hunt for in this boxed world inevitably bring us before small or large dilemmas. If there is however some beauty in this world, it is definitely not in the streets where the hesitant crowd moves, but in [...]

Enraged locals set alight toll-booth after newest increase in road tolls

On the evening of February 9th, hundreds of locals approached the toll booths of Malakasa, approximately 40 kms north of central Athens. They flipped the toll booths over and set them on fire, in response to the most recent wave of toll increases in the country; the tolls have continued to increase despite the fact [...]

‘Future Suspended’ London screening of documentary, Tuesday 11/2

State’s offensive against anarchists continues, Tasos Theofilou sentenced to 25 years in prison without any evidence

The Greek courts (following the verdict of corporate media that had decided since 2012) sentenced today the Anarchist Tasos Theofilou to 25 years in prison for a bank roberry in the island of Paros that he never did. One of the strongest evidence used by the court was the fact that Theofilou when arrested in [...]

Thousands march in Athens against the recent raids of Anarchists’ houses by the police

Thousands of people march -under rain-  in the centre of Athens against the state of emergency that Greek Police and the minister of Police Nicos Dendias are trying to implement against the Anarchists. A few weeks ago Christodoulos Xiros the member of the communist armed struggle group ’17November’ escaped from Korydalos prison. Since then the [...]

FUTURE SUSPENDED- New documentary film by – Coming soon

Future Suspended is the 32 minute-long documentary by the team on Athens, from Olympic spectacle to the dawn of the authoritarian-financial complex. Released online mid-February 2014.