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Enraged locals set alight toll-booth after newest increase in road tolls

On the evening of February 9th, hundreds of locals approached the toll booths of Malakasa, approximately 40 kms north of central Athens. They flipped the toll booths over and set them on fire, in response to the most recent wave of toll increases in the country; the tolls have continued to increase despite the fact that no road improvement works are effectively taking place.

‘Future Suspended’ London screening of documentary, Tuesday 11/2

State’s offensive against anarchists continues, Tasos Theofilou sentenced to 25 years in prison without any evidence

The Greek courts (following the verdict of corporate media that had decided since 2012) sentenced today the Anarchist Tasos Theofilou to 25 years in prison for a bank roberry in the island of Paros that he never did. One of the strongest evidence used by the court was the fact that Theofilou when arrested in Athens had a backpack writing the name of Paros island on it. So although no witness recognised him, no fingertips were found (the robber was not wearing gloves) while there are several people who testified that Theofilou was with them when the roberry took place, he is sent to prison.

Thousands march in Athens against the recent raids of Anarchists’ houses by the police

Thousands of people march -under rain-  in the centre of Athens against the state of emergency that Greek Police and the minister of Police Nicos Dendias are trying to implement against the Anarchists. A few weeks ago Christodoulos Xiros the member of the communist armed struggle group ’17November’ escaped from Korydalos prison. Since then the police started a witch hunt against Anarchists supposedly looking for Xiros. At least 26 houses of Anarchists have been raided so far, with the police and the attorenys general destroying the homes they attack.

FUTURE SUSPENDED- New documentary film by – Coming soon

Future Suspended is the 32 minute-long documentary by the team on Athens, from Olympic spectacle to the dawn of the authoritarian-financial complex. Released online mid-February 2014.

neo-Nazis march in Athens protected by the police that attacked brutally anti-Nazi demo

A few hunderd neo-Nαzis of Golden Dawn gathered in front of the club of army officers, next to the parliament. Thousands gathered to the anti-Nazi demonstration in Syntagma Square, suddenly riot police attacked to the anti-Nazis injuring seriously a Kurdish anti-Nazist, who lives as political refugee in Greece.People were chased until Monastriaki Square where the police entered the underground rail station, throwing cheimcal gases to demonstartors who had been trapped in there. Demonstrators managed to defend themselves effectivelly against the attack of the police, but there are moe than 40 detains from the streets around the demonstration. Meanwhile the neo-Nazis gathered and marched peacefully under heavy polie protection.


3-4,000 anti-fascists demonstrate in Keratsini, in memory of Paulos Fyssas and against nazi provocations in the area

Last week (on January 24) 80-100 Golden Dawn nazis provocatively marched in Keratsini, to the spot where they had murdered Paulos Fyssas, where they attacked the impromptu memorial that had been set up in his memory, before they headed to the local anarchist space, Resalto, which they tried to attack, but were pushed back from people defending the building.

In response, 3-4,000 anarchists, leftists and other anti-fascists marched through the neighbourhood on January 31st, closely followed by police – while of course the GD were nowhere to be seen.

At least 26 anarchists’ houses raided in Athens (plus more in Thessaloniki) as the antiterrorist unit’s witch-hunt against the anarchist scene in Grece continues

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From Tuesday, January 21st, until the evening of Thursday 30th of January, 2014, 26 raids in houses of anarchist comrades have been recorded in the wider Athens area.

Out of these 26 comrades, 8 have so far been arrested and charged with misdemeanours. Of these, 5 have been sentenced to convictions varying between 5 and 16 months, while two have also been handed an additional fine of 600 euros, under the charge of “weapon possession” and “disobedience”. The 6th comrade is on trial on the 5th of February (the case was suspended in order for the police’s criminological research unit to pose an expert opinion on a confiscated item), the 7th comrade was given a court date and the 8th one is on trial today, January 31st.