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#192 | What is “just” about State justice? Alfredo Bonnano denied bail; Anarchists receive 22 years for industrialist’s kidnapping; parody-trial of Alexis’ murderers continues

The news has been coming in, one after the other: On February 12, Alfredo Bonnano and Christos Stratigopoulos had their appeal for bail rejected, despite the fact that Alfredo’s health condition is bad, and deteriorating (for background to their arrest, read the excellent piece “concerning two anarchists and a bank robbery” and the blog “After [...]

#115 | Concerning two anarchists and a bank robbery

(What follows is the typed-up text from a leaflet that has been going around recently) It’s an old story, stuff of the last century. Two anarchists are arrested following a bank strike. The first robbed it, arm in hand. They say the second helped him by looking after the money. It happened in a small [...]

#100 | Bonanno and Stratigopoulos ordered in pre-trial detention

After a 9-hour interrogation at the Court House of Trikala, Alfredo Bonanno  and Christos Stratigopoulos were ordered in pre-trial detention last night. This, according to greek law, can last up to 18 months.Eye-witnesses from the court house speak of the climate of terror by armed and undercover cops, who were quick to eject from the [...]

#99 | “Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire” claim last night’s bomb attack; police-fabricated charges collapse

Last night (Friday October 2) at about 8.15pm, a low-intensity bomb went off only a few meters away from the podium where PM Karamanlis was delivering his last speech, signalling the end of the pre-election period (elections are on Sunday the 4th). A lengthy communiqué published on Athens IMC claims responsibility for the attack by [...]

#98 | Alfredo Bonanno and a yet unnamed 46-year old man have been arrested in Greece

Alfredo Bonnano (born 1937, an insurrectionary anarchist from Italy) and a yet unnamed 46-year old were arrested in the city of Trikala in Northern Greece on Thursday. According to mainstream media reports the two are accused of participating in a bank robbery that took place in the centre of Trikala on Thursday morning. Apparently, the [...]