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“Crisis in Greece”, by Brandon Jourdan

Crisis in Greece from brandon jourdan on Vimeo. Greece is in the midst of a social rebellion with people at many different levels of society involved in strikes, occupations, riots, workplace slowdowns, self-reduction campaigns, and other forms of economic sabotage. Greece has become ground zero of the Eurozone’s fiscal crisis. The austerity measures promoted by [...]

#537 | “The Greek revolt”, a video by Brandon Jourdan

Brandon Jourdan reports from Athens with the latest developments in the country: While the government of Greece implements austerity measures following European Union and IMF bailouts, large anti-austerity protests continue to spread across Greece.  

#527 | Thirty-seven days on hunger strike: a short video by Brandon Jourdan

The video below was shot by Brandon Jourdan. More information and updates on the hunger strike at the solidarity website.

#526 | 37 days on hunger strike, and going: an audio interview with Youssef Bahi, strike co-ordinator

As of tonight, 55 of the 300 migrant hunger strikers have been admitted to hospital (previous OL updates here). The next few days will be crucial for their lives and for their struggle. The interview below was conducted by Brandon Jourdan for OL; more audio and video material to follow. Listen to the audio interview [...]