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Piazza Dimitri Christoula

Words acquire meaning through the tangible and the concrete but at the same time, they can give new meaning and change what we thought to be concrete in return. For many of us, Syntagma (‘Constitution’) Square is no longer. As anarchists, anti-authoritarians, members of the broader antagonist movement, we could have never found any meaning [...]

People attack policeman in Syntagma Athens, remove his clothes and place them at the point of the death of Dimitris Christoulas

On the day of the funeral of Dimitris Christoulas, the 77-year old pensioner who killed himself on Syntagma square, people attacked a special forces policeman nearby; they removed his clothes (but not his weapon) and the hanged them by the tree next to which Christoulas committed suicide on Wednesday.

Calls for rally at Syntagma Square again tonight at 18:00

New calls for rally again tonight on Syntagma Square at 18:00. Police already closed Syntagma Metro station and metal barricades are erected for security purposes in front of the parliament. This is a video from yesterday’s rally, most of it shows clashes after the initial attack by the police against the protesters. People gathered there [...]

Little stories from IMF-run Greece: 77-year old Dimitris Christoulas commits suicide at Syntagma Square. “One day, I believe, the youth with no future will take up arms”

UPDATE, 20:17 GMT+2 A translation of the suicide note left by Dimitris Christoulas, the 77-year old man who commited suicide at Syntagma Square in Athens earlier today (see below for background to his story). The Tsolakoglou* [Quisling] occupation government literally nullified my ability to survive on a decent pension, for which I had already paid [...]