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#392 | 2-3,000 attend the solidarity demonstration for the Ellinika Grammata workers: we can do this alone, we need no sold out unions

The demonstration in solidarity with the fired workers of the Ellinika Grammata publishing house was a success last night, with 2-3,000 people attending – and this is for a single issue in the middle of the country going bezerk, and without the support of official trade unions, not a glimpse of it. The struggle of [...]

#391 | No fired worker is alone! Solidarity demonstration to the Ellinika Grammata employees, Tuesday 12.10, 6.30pm

Ellinika Grammata (“greek letters”) was one of the largest publishing houses in the country. Specialising in academic texts and owned exclusively by the Lambrakis Press media tycoons, EG announced it would cease its operations on September 15th, laying off all its 94 employees. For the past months, these fired workers have fought against their firing: [...]