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#242 | Photographs from yesterday’s police raid at the Navarinou Park in Exarcheia, Athens; 70 people and one dog detained

Last night (12.04) the self-organised Navarinou park in Exarcheia, Athens came under attack by the police. 70 people were detained and taken to the police HQ in Alexandras Avenue held for hours and released, of course, with no charges. Amazingly, the detainees included one dog whose unlucky owner had taken for a stroll at the [...]

#241 | 70 people detained in Athens

UPDATE All detainees released, at about 01:30 in the morning of Tuesday 13.04 — At about 22.00 local time (20.00 GMT), approximately 70 people were detained from Exarcheia’s Navarinou Self-Organized Park without any obvious reason. Hundreds of cops raided the little park -which was created in March 2009- beating up brutally and injuring dozens of [...]

#93 | Exarcheia demo against police violence reaches local station, gets tear-gassed

Tonight, around 1,000 people (according to Athens IMC) responded to the call-out by the open assembly of the self-organised park in Exarcheia and took to the streets of the neighbourhood against police violence and state repression (callout). The demonstration was called after the police raid of the neighbourhood on September 4, during which armed police [...]

#90 | Athens: Demonstration against state repression and police violence, this Thursday

The self-organised park of Exarcheia has called for a demonstration against state repression and police violence, this Thursday 24.10 at 6 pm (the meeting time was transfered an hour later than initially planned). The demonstration comes as a response to the recent raid of the park and the nearby streets by members of the armed [...]

#83 | Athens: Exarcheia sees second night of cop siege

04:03 am For a second consecutive night the Athens neighbourhood of Exarcheia had been under siege by the cops. Some of the cops who approached the area’s self-organised park were attacked with molotov cocktails. Up until an hour ago, at least, clashes and skirmishes around the area continued. Eye-witnesses speak of barricades being set up [...]

#82 | Eye-witness report from last night’s police assault on Exarcheia

Translated from Athens IMC …soon after 01.30 a.m. two jeeps of the OPKE force (the so-called crime protection units, similar to the special guards who shot Alexis –trans.) drove down Navarinou Road, a one way street, the wrong way (that’s the road by the self-organised park –trans.) speeding, shouting and swearing at passers-by. We were [...]

#81 | Athens: Exarcheia self-organised park under police attack, again; 5 arrested and detained.

In the early hours of Friday 4.9 the self-organised park in Exarcheia once again came under attack by the police. Earlier, police jeeps tried to cross through Messologiou Street: the very same street where Alexis Grigoropoulos was assassinated in December. People present tried to resist the shameless police provocation; only moments later a full-scale police [...]

#48, 05:51: The junta lives, riot police attack self-organised park in Exarcheia, Athens

Only a few hours after this text on the junta was published, riot police in Athens came to sadly confirm that the junta is, indeed, alive and kicking. Supposedly responding to an earlier attack on the offices of the Socialist Party (PASOK) in the area, riot police encircled and attacked the new self-organised park in [...]