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#528 | Anarchist comrade Fee Marie Meyer is released

Fee Marie Meyer, the anarchist comrade imprisoned solely on the basis of personal acquaintances and the anarchist literature found in her house, was released on bail this morning, while her persecution continues. Fee had written one letter before being ordered in pre-trial detention and another one while in prison, explaining how she was targeted by [...]

#500 | Letter from prison by the anarchist Fee Marie Meyer, 18.2.2011

Greek original Behind bars… So sometimes even the most wild scenarios become reality, and so here I am in pre-trial detention at the Female Prison of Korydallos [in Athens] precisely because I possessed already published documents, because I am anarchist. Of course, the original list of charges against me has grown, with an extremely serious [...]

#494 | Fee Marie Meyer ordered in pre-trial detention

This evening, our anarchist comrade Fee Marie Meyer was ordered in pre-trial detention. Fee had been arrested on January 14th by men of the anti-terrorist unit in Athens. From the moment of her arrest, media and police launched a coordinated slander attempt against her, coming up with incredible scenaria of a supposed involvement of her [...]

#477 | Open letter by Fee Marie Meyer on her recent arrest by the anti-terrorist unit

[Translator's note] Fee Marie Meyer was arrested in the afternoon of Friday, January 14th by men of the anti-terrorist unit outside her home in Athens. The police have officially confirmed the only piece of “evidence” against her is her personal friendship with Christos Politis, another anarchist currently in prison for his alleged participation in an [...]

#471 | About the arrest of comrade Fei Mayer

One day after the arrest of four comrades (update 470), the antiterrorist agency arrested the comrade Fei Mayer. She is accused for participation in a terrorist group (the name of the group has not yet been decided by the cops). Lawyers or information about what she is accused is considered luxury for people arrested in [...]