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#212 | Live updates from Athens on the General Strike day

Map of today’s events from Last Hours 15.37 GMT+2 Street-fighting has moved to Exarcheia; the riot cops have just stormed the area’s square; people are gathering in the Polytechnic. 14.30 GMT+2 In Athens, clashes with the police in Omonoia square (central square of Athens), many groups of demonstrators moving in different places. Extent use of [...]

#210 | “How would it feel if a foreign policeman was beating you up in Athens? (the Greek uprising is truly going European!)

(article written by an Occupied London author for our friends at Last Hours, on the eve of tomorrow’s general strike. Continuous updates and photos, on both websites, tomorrow!) It is early in the morning of Tuesday, March 9th. Bemused audiences tuned in to an Athens news station to listen to an evidently uncomfortable police spokesperson. [...]

#209 | Updates for March 7 and 8 (in English und auf Deutsch)

As published on Athens IMC Greek Revolt (7th & 8th March 2010) “… I have tried many times in the past to talk with an authoritan, express the social problems and remind him that a state is constructed in order to serve the citizens and not the bankers and plutocracy. The only responce I ever [...]

#208 | Two banks occupied in the northern city of Komotini; occupations of the General Accounting Office and the National Printing House continue

The National Printing House prints the government gazette; for any voted law to come into action, it would have to get printed in the gazette first. For this reason, the printing house’s employees occupied the building (pic) to block the law from coming into action. Even with the government announcing that the law would come [...]

#207 | Will there be social unrest in Greece soon? 86.9% say “yes”

Sure, there is lies, damn lies and statistics. But some times opinion poll findings can be interesting. A mainstream Athens Sunday paper published a poll today: 86.9% of participants predict social unrest in the near future (very likely: 48,7%, quite likely: 38,2%). 85.2% estimate that the gap between rich and poor will widen.  The Greek [...]

#206 | How to take out a riot police unit (a play in 10 acts)

The photos below are from corporate media agencies, reposted on Athens IMC. This is the same demo where Manolis Glezos was tear-gassed by the police.

#205 | Manolis Glezos tear-gassed; reformist trade union leader attacked by demonstrators

Manolis Glezos, 88, is a historical figure of the greek Left, being one of the two people who dragged down the Nazi flag from the Acropolis during Athens’ Nazi occupation. Today, the 88-year old was tear-gassed by police (pic, below) and is in hospital in a critical but non-life threatening condition. Also today, the head [...]

#204 | They say “austerity”, we say “fight back!”: government gazette HQ and ministries occupied

March 5 updates (all times GMT+2) 13.41 Employees of the ministry of interior are occupying the headquarters of the government gazette. Every law that is voted in parliament must be printed in the gazette to come into effect. The employees are occupying to stop the law introducing the austerity measures from being printed! 12.43 In [...]