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Complaint by prisoner Katerina Goulioni to the Greek Ombudsman (shortly before her death in the hands of the state)

The following letter has been circulating in the greek net after Katerina’s death. Katerina wrote the complaint on February 20. Just under a month later, Katerina died under “suspicious circumstances” while on prison transfer (blog posts on Katerina are here) Complaint to the Greek Ombudsman by prisoner Katerina Goulioni Eleonas Thivon, 20-02-09 I am 41 [...]

#47, 01.39: Prisoner revolt in Chania (Crete) and Thiva

UPDATE, 12.48 The prisoners in the prison of Thiva (mainland Greece, approx. 100km NW of Athens –trans.) have also revolted. This is a “drug detox” prison and it is also where Katerina Goulioni was held before her death. Prisoners in Thiva revolted after hearing that, even after Katerina’s death, people from outside were not allowed [...]

#46, 14.05: Prisoner Katerina Goulioni dies in police custody under mysterious circumstances; new government law against hoodies

According to various newssite reports,prisoner Katerina Goulioni, prisoner and militant prisoners’ rights activist, has died in police custody this morning. UPDATE, 15.48 Latest comments from IMC Athens reveal that Katerina was on the same boat to Crete with fascist prisoner “Periandros”. Periandros attacked anarchist prisoner Yannis Dimitrakis outside the boat (Yannis is in the hospital [...]