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#554 | Two-meter deep ditch dug across the highway leading to Keratea

In the early hours of April 14, people dug a two-meter deep ditch across the Lavriou Highway, leading to Keratea – permanently blocking out traffic in this way. Hours later, new scuffles broke out with police who rushed to the spot.

#549 | The longest day in the 110-day long struggle of the people of Keratea against the construction of a landfill site in their area – live updates as police attack the barricades

The struggle of the people of Keratea, ongoing for 110 days now, has reached its most crucial point so far. As of this morning, police have been trying to break through the people’s barricades in order to allow construction machinery to reach the site of the planned landfill. Latest info: In the town of Keratea, [...]

#508 | Some thoughts on the struggle of the people of Keratea

In light of the seeming retreat of riot police from Kereatea, an anonymous poster on Athens IMC has written some very interesting thoughts, below: The most important thing is that the people of Keratea have changed. They now have a fighting spirit, they have called themselves to arms, they started to think in a revolutionary [...]

#502 | Riot police “to retreat” from Keratea ahead of the February 23 general strike in what could be a monumental victory for the locals

After 70+ days of daily struggles with the riot police, it seems like the day of victory for the people of Keratea might be edging close. Saturday newspapers (such as the conservative Kathimerini) are carrying a strong rumour that the riot police  will soon be ordered to retreat from the area and to return to [...]

#497 | Teargas and shock causes miscarriage for pregnant woman in Keratea

This might be the first victim of the undeclared war between riot police and the locals: in Keratea, Attica, fierce battles have been going on between locals and the police since early December (!) 2010, on a near-daily basis. Last Tuesday, a young mother of two had a strong shock and became physically sick from [...]

#493 | Keratea struggle in “civil war twist” as riot police indiscriminately storm houses in the town and 1,000 people besiege the local police station for hours in response

(Breaking news, post to be updated later tonight) The struggle of locals in the area of Keratea in Attica against the construction of a landfill in their area has been going since December 12, 2010. Near-daily clashes of  the locals with the riot police occupying the site of the planned landfill have taken a new [...]

#474 | Nine-year old boy writes school report on the Keratea riots

An astonishing report by a 9-year boy in Keratea on the struggle of the people of his town against the construction of a waste dump in the area. See the Keratea anti-landfill struggle tag for background info on the case. (Original post) 12.1.11 Crucial riots in Keratea Shame on them! The state wants to bring [...]

#467 | Greek High Court gives green light for Keratea landfill to go ahead; locals continue their struggle; solidarity actions planned

On Monday January 10th the High Court (Simvoulio tis Epikratias) ruled in favour of the works for the construction of a landfill in Keratea, Attica to go ahead. On the same night, local residents attacked the riot police who have settled in the area once again (video below). In total the Keratea struggle has been [...]