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#459 | Keratea residents symbolically block Athens International Airport in their struggle against waste burial site

The residents of the town of Keratea, in SE Attica, have been in a fierce struggle against the construction of a waste burial in their area (in what is in fact an archaeological site) and have clashed fiercely with riot police who have come to protect the construction works, as a response. Yesterday (26.12) a [...]

#455 | Keratea struggle against landfill construction continues; mass assembly called for Sunday 20.12

Previous reports on the Keratea struggle: Day 2, day 3, day 6. The fierce struggle of the local population of Keratea against the construction of a landfill in the area, as well as the police occupation of their area in response, has continued on Saturday, for an eight consecutive day. Very late on Saturday night, [...]

#453 | Residents of Keratea, Attica continue their struggle with Riot police against the construction of a landfill for a sixth consecutive day

As reported in a previous post, the residents of Keratea in Attica (around 10 miles south of Athens International Airport) have been involved in a struggle and fierce clashes with riot police forces who have arrived in the area to enforce the construction of a waste burial site that is unwelcome by the locals. The [...]

#444 | Third day of rioting in Keratea, Attica against waste burial site construction sees riot police van and policeman set alight; court orders temporary halt to the works; Greece counts hours to its seventh General Strike in 2010

Fierce battles between riot police and locals resisting the construction of a waste burial site have continued for a third consecutive day in the area of Keratea, Attica (around 10 miles south of Athens International Airport). This morning, a court ordered a temporary halt to the works. A small victory, which could however very easily [...]

#442 | 2,000 locals attack riot police with molotovs, sticks, stones and gun shots in Keratea, Attica; Athens gears up for long week of anti-cuts mobilisations and General Strike

In the past two days, local residents of the area of Keratea in Attica (Greater Athens) have been engaged in a fierce battle with riot police (MAT). The riot police are there to protect the construction of a waste burial site (HITA). Such burial sites have not only been judged to be illegal by European [...]