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#84 | Thessaloniki: Autonomous demo against the International EXPO gathers 3-4,000; fifteen detentions so far

Thessaloniki. Today saw the opening of the international (trade) exhibition of Thessaloniki, where prime ministers traditionally lay out their plan for the coming financial year. The EXPO also sees mass demonstrations by the entire spectrum of the leftist and anarchist movement. This year the autonomous block (“for an autonomous, class demonstration”) was called by PEKOP, [...]

Friday 13.3: London Solidarity Event for Konstantina Kuneva

Konstantina Kuneva is a female, single mother, migrant worker and grassroots syndicalist who was attacked  with sulfuric acid by employer-hired thugs in late December 2008. She has suffered major injuries and is being treated in intensive care in Athens since. The attack happened in the aftermath of the December revolt, and the solidarity response of [...]

In the struggle against this world, Konstantina is not alone

(second in a series of texts on Konstantina that are distributed in the streets of Athens these days – the first one is here) When, in hearing Konstantina Kuneva’s name, we bring in mind “slave-trade” and the new work conditions’ “Middle Ages” we immediately forget that the model of subcontracting workers via agencies is not [...]

My Kuneva

Text translated from the blog of the Anarchist Incentive of Aigaleo (Aigaleo is a working class neighbourhood in Western Athens). Illustration by Max Andersson also in Occupied London #4. I was born and raised in a working class neighbourhood somewhere in Western Athens. My parents were your typical villagers who arrived in the city to [...]


(A text distributed on the streets of Athens these days. See this post for some background information on Konstantina’s case) The attack against Konstantina Kuneva wasn’t a murderous one. Her likely death as a result of this attack was a secondary issue for the pigs who conducted it. The sulfuric acid was used for her [...]

Konstantina Kuneva: Some background information

Here is an excellent background information piece on Konstantina, as sent out from the occupation of the Athens-Pireaus Railway (ISAP) in solidarity, a few days after the attack against her. On December 23, sulphuric acid was thrown at the face of Konstantina Kuneva as she was returning home from work. Konstantina is in the [...]

“Our answer will be given on the streets”: final build-up for January 9 demonstrations

Once again in the last few weeks, we are standing before an unprecedented situation here in greece. The (suspicious, to say the least) injuring of a riot police cop has been followed by a frantic state and media attempt to shift the mood against the police and the state following the assassination of Alexandros. What [...]

#36, 14:11 New year prisoner solidarity actions across the country; solidarity to K. Kuneva strengthens; build-up to Jan 9 demonstrations begins

Update, 01.10 photos (from Athens IMC) from today’s solidarity demo with Konstantina in her neighbourhood (Petralona, in Athens) “Konstantina is not alone, ISAP-OIKOMET, murderers” The ticket validation machines of the local metro station, smashed during the demo (outside a bank) “Burn me! I’m drinking your blood” On the 23d of December Konstantina Kuneva, a migrant [...]