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#224 | Yet another arrest for the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire; Public Power Corporation in Athens attacked

On Thursday (25.03) night, yet another youth was arrested in the city of Volos in relation to the conspiracy of cells of fire case. He will appear before the prosecutor this morning in Athens, where a solidarity gathering has already been called. The police have published his photograph (even, of course, if there hasn’t yet [...]

#221 | Protests for Lambros and bombs in Athens

Despite the fact that the police claims that Lambros Foundas was a key member of a terrorist group, anarchists in Athens and Thessaloniki have launched an extended campaign in honor of him. A demonstration of memory took place today in the area where the anarchist was shot dead last week. The same time, in Thessaloniki [...]

#219 | Gathering in memory of anarchist Lambros Foundas at the point of his assassination; Saturday March 20, 12.00

Anarchists call for a gathering in memory of Lambros Foundas, assassinated by the police. The poster below reads: Lambros is one of us. Lambros Foundas is the one with which we defended the same barricade; he is the friendly tap on the back when you needed it, he’s the silhouette hazy from the smoke but [...]

#211 | Anarchist murdered by the police in Athens

35 year-old comrade Lambros Foundas was murdered by cops on Wednesday morning in the suburb of Dafni (south Athens). The police claims that he was a “terrorist” and that he was shot while trying to steal a car, and that was carrying firearms. Fountas was one of the over 500 anarchists arrested at the Polytechnic [...]