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#119 | One Less Prison: Pagani detention centre in Lesvos to close down (for now?)

The “migrant welcoming centre” (that is a prison in the government’s doublespeak) of Pagani in Lesvos was one of the main targets of the No Borders camp that took place in the island last August, with activists calling for the immediate closing down of a detention centre in which, “living” conditions were a disgrace, even [...]

#91 | Uprising at the detention centre of Pagani, Mytilene

UPDATE, 9.05pm – all detainees, including the under-aged, have now returned to their cells. The head of the local prefecture who showed up on the spot promised the under-aged detainees that they shall all be released by Friday. This remains to be seen… The “detention centre” (read: prison) in Pagani, Mytilene, is where most of [...]

#79 | In Mytilini, like everwhere else…

“I am not a racist, but…” Swerving through the curvy roads leading to the Lesvos NoBorders camp, the taxi driver delves into the only-too-familiar defense of, well, racists. “There’s not enough jobs” – but they take on the jobs Greeks would never want to do, plus most migrants only want to cross through the country [...]

#69 | Lesvos NoBorders Camp: the Program

The NoBorders Camp is taking place at Lesvos on August 25-31. The camp’s program is as follows: Tuesday 25/08: Arrival Wednesday 26/08: European migration conditions This day we will discuss about the conditions of borders and migration, trying to combine issues of european politics, experiences from migrants, political interventions and mobilisations from different parts of [...]