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#383 | Scab lorries have been shot at with a shotgun

As reported in mainstream media earlier today, a convoy of approximately 25 scab lorries, which was accompanied by two police cars, was shot at twice with a shotgun. The incident took place in the area of Malakasa, outside Athens. The two lorries were shot at their cooling systems and so they were immobilised and had [...]

#382 | Lorry drivers vow to continue their strike

Earlier today it was announced that lorry drivers have vowed to go ahead with their mobilisations, despite the law being voted in and the government openly threatening them with legal/ police action. In the general of their unions, 76 voted in favour of continuing, while only 6 voted against and 14 absented. Already, more than [...]

#377 | As the government votes in the new law, lorry drivers block off roads across Athens and the rest of Greece

Last night, the proposed law opening up the lorry drivers’ profession was voted, in the first of a series of votes required for it to become state law. In response, lorry drivers have blocked off main avenues in Athens and national roads across the country. As of 14.30 GMT+2, the following roads are blocked off: [...]

#376 | Live from Syntagma square, Athens: hundreds of lorry drivers set to spend the night outside parliament

Just got back from Syntagma square in Athens. The situation there is very odd: of the hundreds (could easily be in the thousands, too, it’s very hard to estimate) of lorry drivers there, many are carrying greek national flags, they cheer the soldiers guarding parliament and some, as the tv news reported, even cheered the [...]

#375 | 3,000 lorry drivers have reached parliament; plan to stay there until tomorrow

Update, 15.22 GMT+2. The lorry drivers’ demonstration has now reached the parliament. Although mostly peaceful, the demonstrators were attacked with tear gas and stun grenades by the riot police at parliament square. At least three main avenues in central Athens are blocked off by the demo. According to their union, more than 1,000 lorries are [...]

#373 | Hundreds of lorry drivers descend in Athens, block off Piraeus Avenue; march to the parliament to start soon. Constant updates

Tomorrow, Wednesday 22.09, is the day when the government is planning to vote in the law “opening up” truck driving, so far a closed profession (for more background on the strike, follow our lorry drivers tag). In response, approximately 1.500 lorry drivers are currently (13.00 GMT+2) gathered outside their union’s office in Piraeus Avenue in [...]

#343 | Lorry-drivers continue their strike, clash with riot police in Thessaloniki

Earlier on Friday evening, the lorry-drivers’ general assembly decided to go ahead with their strike, despite the civil conscription ordered by the government and the risk of arrest this ensues for every striker. Hours after the decision was announced, riot police appeared in an distribution point in Thessaloniki and tried to guard  a conscripted lorry, [...]

#342 | The whole of Greece is now a factory: Resist, strike, occupy! (or, some notes on the unwillingness of the social antagonist movement to support some resisting parts of society)

What has been happening in Greece in the past few months (and in a way, extending from December 2008 to present) is simply phenomenal: deep changes, one after the other, in the social backbone come at breakneck speed. This fluid landscape has found us, the wider social antagonist movement (anarchists, anti-authoritarians, the libertarian left) numb [...]