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#253 | Mario Z.’s 3rd letter from jail

They’ve taken us prisoner, they’ve locked us up: me inside the walls, you outside. But that’s nothing. The worst is when people – knowingly or not – carry a prison inside themselves… Most people have been forced to do this, honest, hard-working, good people Nazim Hikmet (translation by Randy Blasing and Mutlu Konuk) It’s been [...]

#248 | We don’t have a budget, we have rage

The news is coming in from corporate media outlets: wealthy Greeks are flocking to London, cash-in-hand, ready to buy million-pound houses in their attempt to transfer their bank deposits out of the country in time. “Budget? I don’t have a budget” declared one of them to a stunned estate-agent – he just wanted to get [...]

#247 At least 4,000 people demonstrate now in Athens

21:02 Local time: More than 4,000 people demonstrate now in Athens in solidarity with Marios Zervas who was arrested without any reason one month ago during the big strike and he still in jail since then, without a trial. Marios was arrested and accused without any evidence during the demonstration of the strikers. Marios has…dreadlocks [...]

#246 | Occupation of Creta TV – Solidarity actions spread across the country

Last night, during the evening news, 70 anarchists occupied the TV station ‘Creta TV’ in Heraclion, Crete. Above is the video of the action, and has english subtitles. Actions of solidarity spread across the country. Yesterday anarchists occupied a local newspaper in Volos, Central Greece. The photo above reads ‘The police talks to you through [...]