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#565 | One year after the IMF landed in the country, the people in Greece prepare for a fresh round of mobilisations

Tomorrow (May 6th) marks the first anniversary of the IMF, EU and ECB troika arriving in Greece. In response, base unions, the I won’t Pay movement and struggle committees in workplaces call for a demonstration today, May 5th at 7pm at the Propylea in Athens. They also call for participation to the General Strike of [...]

#561 | Police raid houses in Exarcheia and Kypseli in Athens, detain three “in relation to the Marfin bank deaths”

UPDATE, 22.27 GMT+2. According to posts on Athens IMC, those detained in relation to the Marfin bank deaths have now been released. They have been called to testify again on May 5th. According to mainstream media reports, police have raided houses in the neighbourhoods of Exarcheia and Kypseli and have detained at least three people, [...]

#299 | “Anarchy is struggle for life, freedom and dignity”

A recent communique by the Circle of Fire anarchist collective and the Anarchist Bulletin BLACK FLAG on the events of May 5th in Athens. ANARCHY IS STRUGGLE FOR LIFE, FREEDOM AND DIGNITY The general strike on May 5 against the harshest financial anti-social measures imposed the last decades became the moment for the [...]

#294 | Thessaloniki squat “Terra Incognita” on the deaths of May 5th

Thessaloniki Squat “Terra Incognita” on the events of May 5th (for a full list of all translated statements on the May 5th events on Occupied London please see “the anarchists speak out”. Here is the news as it broke out; for our updates on the events of the day, follow the May 5th tag  ) [Greek [...]

#290 | May 5th events: the anarchists speak out

Today marks one week from the tragic events of May 5th. Since that day, the vast majority of collectives and groups within the anarchist/anti-authoritarian movement in Greece have spoken out. We have tried a paint a picture of their various statements on the events, translating some of the most diverse. For all their diversity, a [...]

#289 | The Morbid Explosion of Ideology

We have received and publish the following statement (English version follows; for Greek click here) by the Athens-based magazine “Flesh Machine”, announcing that it ceases publication in light of the May 5th events and the (non-)reactions that followed. A very important statement and one that will be disseminated widely, we hope – OL.   The [...]

Η Νοσηρή Έκρηξη της Ιδεολογίας

[English Version: The Morbid Explosion of Ideology]   Η Νοσηρή Έκρηξη της Ιδεολογίας    Γιατί είναι αυτή η εποχή χειρότερη από τις προηγούμενες; Ζαλισμένοι από θλίψη και φρίκη δεν αγγίξαμε με το δάχτυλό μας τις πιο άσχημες πληγές αφήνοντάς τες αγιάτρευτες; (Άννα Αχμάτοβα, 1920) Στις πέντε του Μάη η έκρηξη της ιδεολογίας που μαστίζει εδώ και [...]

#288 | “Without emergency exit” (from

  An article published at the Rioters Agency on the May 5th events     WITHOUT EMERGENCY EXIT On May 5th demonstration and the three dead Marfin bank employees To the strikers that are still smashing shit up It is indeed inappropriate to “put the entire responsibility” and blame on Mr. Vgenopoulos for the depressing [...]