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#111 | Public building occupations in solidarity with the Nikaia 3 spread across the country

On October 17, an anarchist demonstration against the police assassination of Mohammad Atif Kamran in the Athens suburb of Nikaia was attacked by the cops. As it was reported at the time, eight demonstrators were arrested and charged – five were facing charges under the “anti-hoodie law” introduced after December’s revolt. The response of the [...]

#106 | Photos from tonight’s demonstration in Nikaia, Athens

The banner reads: Mohammad Kamran Atif, dead from torture at the Nikaia Police Station – MURDERERS. More photos on Athens IMC.

#105 | Town hall of Nikaia, Athens is occupied after demo for the police killing of Mohammad Atif Kamran; statement by the occupation’s assembly.

Mohammad Atif Kamran was a 25-year old migrant from Pakistan. On September 26, Mohammad’s house was raided by police who beat him, dragged him to the local police station and tortured him. On October 10, Mohammad passed away (more on his case here). Today, a week after Mohammad’s death, a demonstration was called at Nikaia, [...]

#103 | To live and die under socialism: Another migrant dies after police beating; the occupation of Exarcheia continues

On the night of September 26 fifteen cops raided the house of Mohammad Atif Kamran, a 25-year old migrant living in the neighbourhood of Nikaia in Athens, shouting and beating him and his family. At the time, there was a complaint against Kamran for a child beating. Eyewitness neighbours say he was dragged from the [...]