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Popular revolts and dentist appointments (or, what to do in the case of Stalinist betrayal?)

A collective text on the events of October 20th in Athens.   Popular revolts and dentist appointments (or, what to do in the case of Stalinist betrayal?) In the past few days we have struggled to put together thoughts on what unfolded before our eyes in Syntagma on October 20th – let alone to put [...]

Occupied London on the General Strike of October 19-20 in Greece – full coverage

Resolution by the Popular Assembly of Syntagma Square, 21/10/2011 | Parliament votes in laws enforcing latest round of austerity cuts | 53-year old demonstrator is dead | Live updates, day 2 | Live updates, day 1 | Videos from day 1 | Corporate media images from the General Strike, October 19 | Metro stop in Syntagma is closed [...]

Live updates from the General Strike, day 2 – October 20

22.23 Athens IMC reports police shoot warning shots in Exarcheia. 21.36 Riot police are storming Exarcheia square. 21.34 Parliament votes in latest round of austerity cuts   20.24 Mass detention of approximately 30 people at the Akropoli metro station. 18.32 Confirmed report that a 53-year old builder has just died from police’s chemical warfare. 17.26 [...]

Videos from the first day of the General Strike, Athens, October 19  

Live updates from the General Strike, day one – October 19

17:52 PM Syntagma has been completely evacuated by the police. A huge, diverse crowd has attacked the Bank of Greece, trashing it inside. Large groups of demonstrators are trying to regroup in Syntagma. There is an urgent need for medical help at the square. 17:42 PM Cops try to “scoop clear” Syntagma, attacking from different [...]

Metro stop in Syntagma blocked by the police

From Contra-info Earlier today, October 18th, the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) notified the passengers that its administration was ordered by the police to close all entrances at the Syntagma and Evangelismos metro stations during the two days of the general strike (October 19th–20th). It is obvious that the Greek State is trying to sabotage [...]

History in fast-forward

History does not pause for a moment. And yet throughout our lives, time is compartmentalised over and over again into fraction after fraction, and the illusion of stagnation lingers. In the endless repetition of the everyday, in the relentless struggle for survival, it is only too easy to deceive ourselves that the wheels of history [...]

Listing of all striking sectors during the General Strike – transportation info

Mapping out the sectors striking in Greece this week is a rather formidable task; nearly everyone is on strike. A brief overview: – GSEE and ADEDY (the two main unions) are on strike on October 19-20. A large section of public and private sector workers are expected to participate. – On Tuesday, dock workers, tax [...]