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Against fascism (via docupraxi)

via docupraxi

Occupied London statement on the ‘dismantling’ of the Golden Dawn by the Greek state: There ain’t no such a thing as bourgeois justice

And so, on the sunny autumn morning of September 28th – a quiet, almost tranquil morning – the state and media, inside and beyond the Greek territory, woke up anti-fascist. Were the days when the exact same culprits fueled Nazism, the days when authorities meticulously wovethe  institutional racism, totalitarianism and impoverishment just a bad dream? [...]

Clip4KillahP – In honour

via Anarchists Heraklion Crete Clip4KillahP – In honour from Anarchists Heraklion Crete on Vimeo.

Local Golden Dawn office in Ierapetra, Crete shuts down after murder of Pavlos Fyssas

It is reported in media that Golden Dawn has retreated from Ierapetra, Crete following the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas by GD member, Giorgos Roupakias. The GD members decided to leave their office, taking even its exterior signs.   According to blog Cretalive, “the presence of the office of GD, in one of the most central [...]

“500.000 Greeks were holding the knife”

A banner by the “Antifascist high-school students’ Front” in one of the demonstrations for Pavlos. It reads: “500,000 Greeks were holding the knife”, a reference to the number of votes the Golden Dawn received in the elections of June 2012.

Mesollogi: Golden Dawn office attacked with molotov cocktails

On the night of September 21, people attacked the local office of Golden Dawn in the city of Mesollogi, in western greece, throwing molotov cocktails to its windows and balcony and disappearing. No arrests were made on the spot.

Interview by ex-Golden Dawn member allows insight into the group’s structure and explains what could have happened with Pavlos’ murder

Mainstream media (link) have been reposting excerpts of an interview given by an ex-Golden Dawn member to Ethnos, a conservative Athens daily. The full interview is available in paper only, and not a source that we would ever republish from, but the interview is very revealling about the Golden Dawn’s structure, tactics and methods. “from [...]

Police ban Golden Dawn food distribution scheduled for Nikea in the morning of Saturday; anti-fascist gatherings to go ahead

Late on the night of September 20th, the greek police HQ issued a statement banning the food distribution that had been planned by Golden Dawn in Nikea, not far from the point where Pavlos Fyssas was assassinated on Wednesday. At least four separate calls had already been issued by anti-fascists for the point of the [...]