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#35, 15:09: Prisoner solidarity demonstration in Athens today; radio, newspaper occupations continue; grassroots organising in bloom

A prisoner solidarity demonstration has been called for today (4pm) by the assembly of the occupied GSEE (the general confederation of workers building – now vacated). According to a decision by yesterday’s open anarchist assembly of the Economics University, the occupiers will use the demonstration as an opportunity to vacate the building en mass – [...]

#28, 18:23: Student demo ends; stations occupied across the country; trade union building in Patras also occupied

We just came back from the demo in Athens. The cops were, once again, extremely provocative: Tens of tear gas cannisters and stun grenades were shot directly into the crowd. It seems like the newly ordered tear gas supply for the police is here. People in Athens have been demonstrating and/or rioting for 13 consecutive [...]

#23: Riot police headquarters attacked; state TV station occupied; anarcho-transportation actions continue

Yet another “anarcho-transportation” action took place on Tuesday. These actions, aiming at permanently disrupting the circle of “production-circulation-consumption” have been a huge sucess. Today, when people showed up at the Victoria Station of the Athens metro, passengers were largely receptive to our slogans (“the self-organising of the passengers will mean the end of the ticket [...]

#14, 11:57: Video from Patras, report from besieged Athens police stations

patra-11dec2008.flv Video from the demonstration in Patras. Just to put this into perspective: The demonstration was called by the (anarchist &leftist) occupation of the “parartima” (branch of the university in the city centre). This was their callout. Under “normal” circumstances, around 100-200 people would respond. These are not normal days we are living, though: 5-6,000 [...]