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Reelnews reports: “It’s not me anymore it’s us now – The Street Fighters from AlAnyA”

From reelnews – view all their brilliant Greece reports from our Reelnews tag. We will be publishing the last film of our series on Greece Our Present Is Your Futurenext Sunday, and added to our playlist. Check our Facebook page to vote which one you want to see next. Get the DVD or become a Reel News Supporter!   The Solidarity, Disobedience [...]

“Our Present is Your Future: How to destroy public health services”

From reelnews: Out of 131 hospitals, as many as 50 will be closed. Patients already have to pay at the door when going to see a doctor. Procedures will have to be paid up front, and if you don’t have the money you will be sent home. “People will die.” “The cruelty is unbelieveable.” “This [...]

Reelnews reports: “It’s still like being in a war zone – Immigrants in Greece”

Follow Reelnews for one new film from their excellent reporting from the ground in Greece every Sunday Refugees trying to reach safety in Europe get stuck in Greece: Once in Europe, they have to remain in the country they first arrived in. They speak about lack of basic support like housing, clothing and food and [...]

“Athens Racist Attack” – reelnews reports

From reelnews: At 3am in the morning of Tuesday, 12 June 2012, a horrific racist act of terror unfolded in a quiet Athens suburb. At 3am several motorbikes with passengers descended on a quiet street in the Perama neighbourhood of Pireaus. They began to vandalise vehicles belonging to some Egyptian fisherman staying in a house [...]

Reel News release – Greece First Cut Preview: Community Organising

Check the reelnews website for updates! This is one of 9 films on the growing resistance in Greece that are nearing completion. This one shows the community organisation running in parallel to the growing rank and file organisation in the unions. Reel News 32 – Our Present is Your Future! will be out by early June. Pre-order [...]