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#156 | London Benefit Event in solidarity to the recently arrested comrades of Resalto in Athens

The antiauthoritarian centre Resalto in Athens was raided by the police on the evening of December the 5th, as part of the ‘preventive’ strategy of the Greek state to repress any form of social and political action, a year after the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos by the Greek police. In response, the Town Hall of [...]

#152 | About the open selforganized space “Resalto”

Keratsini is the municipality, where the police raided the anarchist space Resalto and then raided the occupied town Hall as well, arresting 22 in Resalto and 41 in the Town Hall. Until now, some are set free and some other remain in the hands of the police. The Municipal Council of Keratsini published the following [...]

# 139 | The occupied Keratsini Town Hall in Athens has been raided; “around thirty people arrested” there

22:57 GMT+2 The Town Hall of Keratsini, occupied in response to the earlier police raid of the anarchist space “Resalto” in the neighbourhood, was also raided moments ago. The reports we have from people there are that around thirty people (everyone in the building at the time, this is info we’ve had from the phone) [...]

#137 | Thirteen people have been arrested at anarchist space in Athens; open assembly at the Polytechnic, 7pm tonight

19.18 Cops just stormed Exarcheia square, detaining about 20 people, without anything having happened before. There are also riot cops ready to kick off on the corner of Messologiou and Metaxa Street, literally a few meters away from the point of Alexis’ assassination. Polytechnic assembly is starting soon. Riot police have stormed the anarchist space [...]