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Letter of the 15 antifascist arrestees from the Evelpidon courthouse – Update 4/10

via contrainfo Today, the State declared civil war. Those who are not killed by fascists’ knives are sent to prison through judicial decisions of the junta. We call fighters and anyone who feels that DIGNITY, SOLIDARITY, EQUALITY and FREEDOM are not empty words, but a life stance, to realize the historical moment in which we [...]

19 anti-fascists imprisoned after September 30th anti-fascist action in central Athens; ALL released on bail (Oct 5)

19 anti-fascists have been imprisoned following the September 30th anti-fascist action in central Athens. Follow the developments via our tag. October 5 Update, 21.10 GMT+2 All the remaining 15 antifascists have just been released on bail (3000 euros). There will be an appeal regarding their bail soon. Update, 14.15 GMT+2 The 4 antifascists arrested on [...]

All 15 anti-fascists arrested at the September 30th antifascist action remain imprisoned, as the public prosecutor and public attorney disagree on their pre-trial detention; final decision on October 5th

The 15 anti-fascists arrested at the September 30th anti-fascist demo will remain in custody for another night, as there was disagreement between the public investigator (against) and the public prosecutor (for) the continuation of their detention until their trial. It is a remarkable turn of events, as a pre-trial detention until trial (which can last up [...]

Workers at the Skaramangas shipyard in Athens storm the ministry of defense; farmers in Heraclion, Crete raid the Heraclion airport, as tension ahead of the voting of new austerity cuts intensifies

On the morning of October 4th, approximately 500 workers at the Skaramangas shipyard (West Attica), gathered outside the greek ministry of defense on Mesogeion Avenue. The workers were protesting for the fact that they have not been paid their last 6 monthly wages. The workers quickly gathered around the hellenic army general staff HQ. Soon [...]

A few words from the detention cells on the 7th floor of the Athens police headquarters

English original Although three days have already passed since our arrest during the antifascist motorcycle demo and flypostering (on Sunday 30/9), we think it’s good to clear up a few things even now. After a manifest call-out on Sunday 30/9, an antifascist motorcycle demo and flypostering took place in downtown Athens, which started off from [...]

Video from the September 30th antifascist action in Athens

Report from the action and from the police attack against the people in solidarity the following day.

Ministry of ‘citizen protection’ issues military-like statement in response to parliamentary questions on the arrested of the anti-fascist action

The statement below comes as a response to a question in parliament (by MPs of SYRIZA) regarding the arrests of anti-fascists  at the anti-fa action of Sep 30 and another four anti-fascists who had show up in the courthouse in solidarity. If there was any need for proof of the totalitarian turn of the greek state [...]

29 people arrested the last 6 days in Athens during the general strike, antifascist & solidarity action

During the general strike of last Wed. 9 people were arrested by the police. The names and their photographs were publicized by the police aiming to social stigmatization but also requestingfrtom people to call in the police and give “more information” about the arrested. Then on Sunday  antifascists clashed with Nazis in central Athens, police came immediately to help the [...]