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“Dignity out of steel” – two and a half months of the steelworks strike in Greece: two-day solidarity event in Barcelona

Athens sees its first city-wide strike as workers begin to break away from the control of reformist trade unions

Today, January 17th marks a very important date in the recent history of labour struggle in Greece – responding to, and in solidarity with the struggle of the workers at Greek Steelworks, the six Labour Centres of Greater Athens (Attica) and the Workers/Employees Union of Athens have called a city-wide strike. Approximately 15,000 people took [...]

Greek Steelworks wildcat indefinite strike continues – a struggle for the dignity of all of us

Running against the grain of defeatism, the steelworkers at “Greek Steelworks” (Elliniki Halivourgia) have already achieved what would have seemed inconceivable only a few weeks ago. They took on their boss and his threat to cut down their salary cuts dramatically (by 40%) and to fire those who instigated the strike – and it seems like they [...]

Solidarity with the struggle of the striking workers of Steelworks – Let’s Go for indefinite wildcat strikes

From Athens Indymedia strikers in front of the Greek Steel works factory (Elliniki Halivourgia) ‘We are standing, we are already winners. The industrialist Manesis confessed that he did not expect such a struggle! The rest of the industrialists from the surrounding factories were expecting us to get tired, to return back to work with bowed [...]

Little stories from IMF-run Greece: autonomous strike of workers at steelworks factory in Athens enters its 35th day, as wave of solidarity spreads across Greece

“Greek Steelworks” (Elliniki Halivourgia) is a factory in Aspropyrgos, an industrial outskirt of Athens. The management of the factory announced its plan to the workers to enforce 5-hour working days with a subsequent pay cut of 40%, despite recorded year-to-year profit increase  of 30%. A General Assembly of the workers unanimously rejected the cuts, and [...]